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  The idea o our website is to be sort of populist- but you can't ride roughshod over technical jargon. Just scan everything on this quick summary page & consider yourselves primed for both intensive head-twisting & blood-thirsty onslaughts.

'Exogenetic' took awhile to research so take it as an accurate reference to the state of current advances in bio-tech.

However, new stuff's coming in all the time so by its nature it'll date - basically it's error free which is a plus for any informed debate. The tagline is 'REASONS NOT TO HYBRID-CLONE'.

The fact all this is a specialised area is fair comment - read it to see for yourself. But our line is there are universal health-issues to do with BIOCHEMICAL & HORMONAL BALANCE that affect all medicine - no matter how 'cutting-edge'. Basically this is apart from all the moral compunctions on human embryology etc....or is it? Well, that's the nature of any debate - health is also moral isn't it?


 This website is 'anti' this link to 'Advanced Cell Technology'

If you scan the link you'll gather it's a 'chimera' - which is another name for hybrid, in this case mixing genes & cells not of species but of different individuals.
The rationale for such hybrids is purely expediency. This is a new way of breeding genes. Unlike stem-cells which simply re-program cells to grow normally, this is something totally unnatural - it doesn't grow things normally, it grows them abnormally.

That's the distinction we
make - growth is controlled by proteins & is the thing that makes us what we are physiologically. Hybrids or chimeras compromise growth in its very early stages - this is bound to have health implications.

This website is 'pro' these 2 links to
DeCode website 
'Decode' (an Icelandic company) are getting gene-tek drug-discovery results PRIMARILY BECAUSE THEY WORK ON GENES AS A SOURCE OF INFORMATION ONLY. They utilize 'family-trees' & other techniques.


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