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Before proceeding to more biotech stuff - the website's posted prior to Nov4 so we wanna give the new guy or gal all the best (well, you never can tell, as a certain country song goes). Seriously, SP's views on stem-cell research are well-known & one of our aims is to start a blog that has a bit of a political edge - you can post-in to MYSPACE. You gotta hazard the moral maze - or the lab-boys rule the roost (how's that for mixing metaphors?) At the same time, technology moves on so you also gotta distinguish 'good' from 'bad' or retrograde biotech (hence the word 'virtual' in our title).

This applies doubly to DNA (excuse the helix pun). In the UK the DNA-mafia - with Gordon Brown's connivance - have the green light on hybrid-cloning, while an aghast moral sector impotently bluster. To the lab-guys hybrids are just an interesting technique to breed genes - the most extreme example of scientific detachment known to human/non-human.

OK folks, here's my take on the US election. Completely unbiased as Moebius' Airtight Garage - based on Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius - is one of my fave comics, while Avengers #93 - the Adams issue featuring 'voyage to the Vision' - is a prized possession.

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  Ludicrous election claims. #1, Palin is a gene-clone of Cheney.

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